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As written on the home page of this web (sorry, in czech only) you can find here almost everything you need for your Mio C510, C710, H610, C250, C520 and C720 and information useful also for other Mio and iGO equipments.

You find here various improvements of navigation, which give you new functions, concrete instructions for modifications of your navigation and links to other information sources.

The only disadvantage for not czech speeking chaps is Czech. Therefore I prepared this page where is only very small part of the content of this web but is written in 'Czenglish' (Czech english).

SKINS J&T (JNkopr & TomasII)

Here are presented quite new skins from couple JNkopr & TomasII, outgoing from the original skin for Cx20 from July 2007. Skins have a big amount of graphic changes and series of technical improvements which simplify handling and bring more information. Changes were inspired by existing changes in other skins and also arise from actual experience of their authors.

As the most interesting news are unique representation of speed cameras, their voice alert in UK- and US- English, French, German and Spanish (of course also with appropriate lang.zip files), volume control on the navigation screen, possibility to hide and show all buttons by one touch on the top stripe (except button 2D/3D that you can use for different look at the map), GPS switch ON/OFF, direct mp3 call and entry to TMC menu, etc. You can also directly choose type of the route with its recount.

Skins also have a special start 'sound'.

Multimedial skin j&t v. 4.2+

The prosecution of the
j&t skin family 3.x, 4.0 and 4.1 is Multimedial skin j&t v. 4.2+ (JNkopr & TomasII) from the April 2 2008. This skin also has the same functionality as the previous skins j&t 4.x but has quite more not only MULTIMEDIAL but also SYSTEM functions.

The navigation possibilites are the same as in the previous skins 4.x plus additional BT button and PIN setting on actual gps possition. Other functions are on the same places. The main difference is in the significant extension of Multimedial panel up to four panels.

The first one contains audiovisual and system functions, the second is intended for "work with paper", the third contains mainly communication and system functions and the fourth is oriented on games. In addition - in panels is also place for further expansion.

From all programs you can go back to Miomap. The only exception is OZIExplorerCE. For its functionality it must be relieved gps port and therfore has to be Miomap stopped before OZIExplorerCE starts. In "plus" version is former OZIExplorerCE version 1.13.3e3 replaced by the last version 2.19. Some screenshots you can see in thread Cx20.

In the first panel there are system functions: Windows (Controls), ResInfo for control of running processes, Commander and FileManCE for file administration.!!! Play your's cards well - especially don't erase whatever you are not sure you can !!!

Hard reset helps but if you change anything in My Flash Disk you will have to help yourself!

The second panel is obvious, the only speciality is TaskBar. By its pushing you activate "low" menu. To show it you tapp on the low border of the screen. For its usage governs the same rules as above.
if you use taskbar than after its activation go directly to the application in that you want to use it. After its finishing and return to Miomapu switch Taskbar off.

Taskbar usage in Miomapu makes collisions with Miomap control.

The third panel contains except comunication reset and off butons also two other functions: calculator and business card scanner with OCR and export to contacts (C720 only). Three first three buttons call external programs from sd-card, in our case navigation program iGO and other two optional applications on sd-card in folders EXT1 and EXT2. Applications should be renamed to Ext.exe. As a example you can use program GPSTacho. After unzip it is prepared in folder EXT2. Couple of screenshots is in thread Cx20.

The fourth panel is designed for games. There are nine games now, the card games work in landscape format, for the other the screen has to be turned for 90° because the games work vertically. On the "start" questions you have to answer "Yes" to enter game. Don't use any other button except buttons in game menus. Remember that Miomap goes behind game!

If you change any panel, please switch it off before choosing new one. This way you keep the view where you are.

In all panels you can separatelly control audio and voice volume. Another button is "Car" for switching between navigation arrow and car. The other news is possibility to show and compare routes parameters in menu "Info route". In the menu you can get short info which type of the route to choose. In the menu "Track Logs" you can import and export scheduled tracks (files route.dat). By choice "Track out" you can save planned track on the sd-card to the folder Trace (if doesn't exist will be created) as a file route.dat, eventually by FileManCE calling you can rename file route.dat to another name. For displaying of the FileManCE shift keyboart outline a bit and after that continue by default. Similarly by choice "Track in" you can get saved track from the sd-card to Mio, eventually saved file to rename to the route.dat. Logged trace you can see after Miomap switching off and on, after Miomap loads data.

for saved tracks displaying is valid the limitation that you have to use the same maps in the saving and loading moment. Otherwise the route will not be shown.

Except graphic changes was also added further right panel that you can activate by klicking on the route information button (quite right down). If you don't have planned any route and you have sufficent gps signal you can call panel with trip information you will perform.

By pushing START button you initiate trip recording and on the panel you can see information outspread to its start. Like prepared for an unplanned trip. For its finishing push STOP and the route will be saved to recorded routes. By pushing next button you can go directly to the menu of saved routes.

In the skin are other not inspectional changes:

  • better car hiding in the 2D mode,
  • limitation of the stop area for fly-over - see picture,
  • changed gps signal representation,
  • GPS switching off is now in the "globe",
  • added holding of speed camera presetting.

Therefore is necessary to use new APP folder, too.

Couple of screenshots of the j&t skin v. 4.2+:

Start screenGPS settingsFirst multimedia panelSecond multimedia panelThird multimedia panelFourth multimedia panel (Games)FileManCE with keyboardQuite free screen without iconsDraft of fly over stop areaControl panel with active TaskbarActual tripLast trip

In reality you will see exact information about trip done and not only fictive values as in this pictures.

Because of the size of the folder with programs for multimedial panel was all files devided into two parts. In the first zip (APP) there is packed the APP folder in version 4.2+ with additional programs. In the second one (DATA) there are packed data.zip, additional file digital.ttf, necessary fonts and language zip.

The unziped APP folder copy complete to the Mio Device root alongside folders MIOMAP, My Audio, My Pictures, etc. - see the picture:

After you unpack the downloaded zip copy data.zip and file digital.ttf to the MioMap folder and language zips to the folder LANG.


j&t APP v 4.2+ for C520/C720 with new OZIExplorerCE
j&t skin v 4.2+ for C520/C720

For that they prefer direct access to mp3 instead of bluetooth:

j&t skin v 4.2+ mp3 for C520/C720

And for us four-eyes people, who need bigger street names to reed them:

j&t skin v 4.2+ BIG for C520/C720
j&t skin v 4.2+ BIG mp3 for C520/C720

And for experimenter - GPStacho as Ext.exe in folder EXT2 on sd-card:

GPStacho for j&t skin 4.2+

1. to show icons in left column please tick their showing in menu (toothed wheel - marked lens).
2. for showing and hidding icons use upper stripe.
3. new file digital.ttf copy to the folder Miomap to other files (data.zip, tahoma.ttf, tahomabd.ttf, etc.).
4. All folders and files differ from previous versions!

(adapted from Jerry's skins 2008/02/07 and 2008/02/13)

The last alternative Cx20 skin is Jerry's skin from GpsPasSion Forum. I changed it a bit, used cvp and MartinG corrections and skin works very good. I also added external programs and changed links in the skin to them and now you can use also OZIExplorerCE for touring and hiking, uBook08 for reading books, Solitare in free time, etc.

I didn't changed any language zip (except czech.zip) because the skin works good in english environment with original english_xx.zip.

Screenshots (in czech) you can see here in the thread Cx20).

There are two versions of Jerry's skin; the version 3d - Jerry's skin from 2008/02/07 with cvp and MichalD changes and the version 3e - Jerry's skin from 2008/02/13, both supplemented with external programs and necessary skin changes to be able to call them.

For both versions use standard English_xx.zip.

Here is a couple of screenshots of Jerry's skin in version 3e with my addons:

Main menuCommon settingsCommon settingsCommon settingsGeneral settingsGeneral settingsSpeed warning optionsFind POI


APP folder for all jt&jerry skins with OziExplorerCE
English audio folder for all jt&jerry skins
English_uk_zip for jt+cvp+jerry (not necessary)
jt&jerry skin 3d int
jt&jerry skin 3e int

Here is also cvp modification of Jerry's skin from 2008/02/13. The skin has the same features and abilities but quite another appearance and design.

jt&jerry skin 4b int
English_uk_zip for jt+cvp+jerry v.4b

How to install Jerry's skins? Unpack APP and audio folders. After that copy audio to the root of the Miomap among LANG, MAPS, MIOTC, POI, etc., data.zip and english.zip to MioMap as usual and APP folder to the Mio Device root alongside folders MIOMAP, My Audio, My Pictures, etc.

See the picture, too:

If you need other voices for speed camera alerts, please attend
Jerry's web

The skin (not only this one!) is in any functions Miomap version sensitive.
For instance - you can have problems to start BT under Miomap December 2007. For BT-start push the BT button and wait about 10 second. If BT doesn't start try to erase iGO.db file.


Here is shown Changer - routine that you can help to change skin, fonts and speed cameras as you will. Changer is made from my unlock for Cx10 and H610 that is in the Auto-Unlock on another place of this web. You can choose:

  • fonts for the skin (normal, italic and bold black italic),
  • speed cameras (wbuilder, Mio and milav). It's recommended to update cameras regulary from appropriate webs),
  • skin (j&t skin 3.2int, TheRock 10, or Riks 2.2).

The item you choose by "OK", skip by "Cancel".

the item of the same name will be overwritten, therefore back up, back up and back up. Hovewer, this rule is valid generally.

Screenshots for Cx20:

Úvodní informaceMenu fontůMenu radarůMenu skinů


Changer for Cx20

Unpack downloaded file and unpacked files and directories copy 1:1 to SD-card. For the Changer fits 32MB SD-card. Changer is starting by inserting SD-card into Mio. After end of the routine (restart) you can remove the card, it is no more necessary. You can have Changer on one card and maps on another one.

Changer is an example for your creativity, for your favorite skins and speed cameras.

New English voices

Due to Mike I can publish two new English voices:




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